SO HOT RN: Halloween Edition

It is nearly the end of October, so you know what that means - Halloween is nearly here. We are talking lots of blood, crazy outfits and just having fun with your friends.
Although this traditionally is an American tradition, Australians have also adopted. Why? Well we don't know about you, but the copious amounts of lollies that are suddenly available at the shops and using your imagination to source outfits is RIGHT 👏 UP 👏 THERE 👏
OUTFIT IDEA: Zombie Prom Queen
The Sultry Wine Formal Dress is perfect for dressing up as a Zombie Prom Queen.
What do you need to complete the look? Go to the $2 shop (discount store) and purchase - a tiara, white stockings, blood and a bit of white paint to wear mixed with your make up.
OUTFIT IDEA: Zombie Bride

Tried and tested, yet still loved by Halloween participants year in and year out. There is something people love about dressing up as a bride and then completely scarying it up with make up and blood. Our recommendation is the Canary dress white
What do you need to complete the look? White stockings, blood, a veil and a dead flower - most of this you can source for less than $5 at a discount store!  
OUTFIT IDEA: Boho Hippy / Gypsy Babe
 The boho gypsy / hippy babe is always a fun one too! You get to wear beautiful printed dresses, boots, plaits in your hair and just have fun with it. The Kelly Midi Dress is perfect for this! 
What do you need to complete the look? Funky coloured sunglasses, a headband and some flowers in your hair. So easy!


Our hot tips for Halloween?

  1. Less is more
  2. Embrace your own personal sense of style and personality
  3. You don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to look and feel good
  4. And most importantly, only wear something you are comfortable in and want to wear


Whatever you choose to do for Halloween, make sure you have fun with it.


💖 team SFB, x

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