BRR; it is cold in here

If you live in Queensland, there is no surprise to you that it is cold. Like freezing, need your thermals, cold. Especially here in Brisbane, we are not used to this weather. We are the sunshine state. What is happening here! 🧐❄️

Unfortunately, currently, the days of short dresses and sandals are gone (#sadface) and we are embracing layering up like Eskimos like there is no tomorrow.

Although we might feel like we need to wear thermals at 6AM, by 10AM the sun is shining well enough to realise that we’ve still got some golden hours left in our days. *FIST PUMP* 👊🏻

We’ve said it before but we will say it again, layering is going to be your lifesaver in this cool breeze. What do we mean by layering? Good question.


Firstly, in order to layer properly, you have to identify your one main piece. For example, we have chosen the Ava Maxi Floral dress. This bold print demands attention and pairs so beautifully with a pair of sneakers or ballet flats. 


Secondly, you need to decide what jacket you would like to wear. If it is during the work, or on a day and you are off to work, I would suggest a work-appropriate jacket such as a plain dark coloured cardigan or something similar. If your workplace is a little more relaxed, possibly a leather or denim jacket? 

Also, you can add a scarf to add depth to your outfit too. An added extra that no-one will know? Stockings. Skin-coloured. You’re welcome.


Thirdly, you want to make sure that you are able to take off layers when it starts to heat up. Aka don't overheat. There is nothing worse than feeling stuff or hot in clothing. Especially when you are trying to work. Our tip? Make sure you take a bag with you daily that you can put your clothes into when you are not wearing them. We recommend a backpack or satchel.



And, voila! You are now fully ready for Winter in Brisbane.

If this doesn’t get you ready for the day a big cup of hot chocolate will help.


Love Sparrow & Finch Boutique x

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