This Season: Formal Fashion

We are more than half way through the year and we all know what that means - FORMAL SEASON IS HERE 👗 💣

And of course, with Formal season coming up, it is so important to ensure you have all of the necessary items ticked off the list. You need your accessories ✔︎ your shoes  ✔︎ your date  ✔︎ and of course, you need to finalise your outfit  ✔︎
With regards to your formal dress, you need to ensure that you have enough time to sort it out. You need to identify what style, colour and/or shape that you L-O-V-E and suits your body. Of course you need to ensure that you remain true to yourself and your own sense of style too. 

Gone are the days of everyone wearing the same puffy ball gown and tiara combo. Of course if you identify as a Disney Princess; you go girl 👏

However, if you want to embrace your own sense of style but are still unsure of what to choose, we recommend the following -

The Sultry Wine Formal Dress is the perfect luxurious little red alternative for those who want to be the belle of the ball. With extra-length straps you can wear this dress a number of ways.

The Emerald Beauty Formal Dress - This fully lined, luxurious satin-like formal dress creates the WOW factor you are after ✨ 



Scandalous - Blush Dress - This halter dress has long straps which means your styling options are literally endless. With a thigh spilt feature you will be a sure fire KNOCK-OUT in this.

Our other formal recommendations and checklist? ✔︎
  • Polaroid Camera
  • Chewing Gum
  • Bandaids for the pesky blisters
  • Jacket for your after-party
  • Flats such as whiter sneakers or connies for the after-party

Most importantly, you only get to do your formal ONCE.

So make it a night to remember. Want more formal inspo? Click here for more dresses. 

Have THE best night!

Sparrow & Finch xx

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