How-to: Weekend Outfit Sorted.

It is Friday night which means the working week is done and you can now relax with your nearest and dearest AKA your girlfriends!  

girlfriends cocktails

Whether you are more of a Netflix and snacks type of group or a cocktails in the city group, have we got your outfits covered!


You don't have to put heels on after a big day at work. We get it your feet are sore #ouch. You can team a pair of cute ankle boots with a gorgeous floral dress to get your outfit a pop of colour whilst still maintaining your casual vibes.


Idea 1: Take your Friday post-work mood and dress it up with a pop of colour.

Anaisha Midi DressThe Anaisha Midi Dress is a perfect example of this.
Shop now for only $74.95.


Idea 2: Wear some comfy pants and see where the night takes you.


The best ideas and nights are often unplanned. Fact. So don't let the idea of not having an outfit planned for the occasion stop you.

The ocean breeze pants are JUST the pants you need. The fact that they can be dressed up or down makes them SO versatile. You can either wear them with a pair of heels and a tight crop for a night on the town or they can we worn with a baggy jumper for a night on the couch with the girls and your fave rom-com. 


No matter how you choose to spend your Friday night; make sure it is with people who you love and who make you laugh so hard your belly hurts.


Sparrow & Finch Boutique x

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