How-to: Winter Fashion without freezing

One of the best things about weather changes is being able to switch up from your usual fashion routine. Whether or not you are really into fashion trends or like sticking to what you know, you are able to embrace your own sense of personality and style and ensure you are being true to yourself by how you dress.


At Sparrow & Finch we pride ourselves on ensuring that our gorgeous customers get to embrace their own sense of style whether that is through print, plain colours, short or long. However you choose to style yourself this Winter; EMBRACE it.

The Willow Dress can be worn with or without a jacket in this cooler weather.


Our tip?

Pack a light cardigan or jacket with you for during the day if it gets cooler.


So we know that we are known for fashion and not maths but we wanted to share with you our WINNING equation (AKA = 💯) for the cooler months: 

Short dresses or Long dresses or Midi dresses + Layers = UBER CHIC 🔥

Channel your inner girly-girl in the Kay Dress. The best bit? The material is thick enough to only need a light cardigan or jacket. #winning


So, what does Sparrow & Finch think is THE perfect combo?

Personally, I (Chantelle) 👋🏼 like to wear a midi length dress such as the Anaisha Midi dress with a pair of knee high boots and a cardigan for the cooler days.

Another one of our team members, Erin 👋🏼 likes to wear the shorter style dresses such as the Monica Dress with a pair of white sneakers and a denim jacket for the cooler parts of the day. 


Till next time,

💖 Team Sparrow & Finch x


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