Loco for Logies

Ahh the logies, the closest us mere mortals in Australia get to a proper red carpet show. We have a lot of A-listers, a lot of ‘who are you?!” listers too. 

There was some definite oh wows and some definite and we mean DEFINITE ‘wow what are you doing’.

The biggest takeaway from the Logies? Embrace your personal sense of style and stick to it.

This is something we L-O-V-E around here at the Sparrow and Finch HQ. You need to ensure you stick to what clothing styles you are comfortable with and make you feel like you. Especially if you are out in public and being photographed and have thousands if not more people (aka me) stalking your every piece of your outfit from head-to-toe.

Confidence is so much more than your clothes. It is your smile, the way you carry yourself, your attitude. AKA you wear what you are comfortable and confident in. Always. No exception. 

Our two main fave looks from the Logies below:

Sophie Monk. Whether you love or hate her; she is stunning. There is absolutely NO denying and she is so confident.


One of everyones favourite love stories (dare we say, better than Twilight?), Anna and Tim. Both looking dapper as ever.


Till next year Logies, you've been fun!

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Sparrow & Finch Boutique, x


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