The 411: Our ONE & ONLY Supplier

Our go-to supplier AKA the people behind our gorgeous clothes, are and always will be Shareen Collections. Why? The answer is pretty simple really. When Chantelle (Boss lady here at SFB) first set out to launch her biz, she only wanted to work with the best, people she could trust and who would always get her the best quality items. When Chantelle met with and realised that Shareen Collections is a family-owned and operated business she knew she had found her supplier. She didn't even look any further.


Each design and item is handpicked by their in-house team to ensure that their customers (us) and then the end client (you) is so happy with your products and continue to wear them 🔥💖


Another important factor to consider is that Shareen Collections has been around for over twenty-five years. This means that they know exactly what unique prints and styles of products that they want to provide their customers. 


Also, Shareen Collections get in over 100 new items each week. All you have to do is look at your other favourite online retailer (see what we did there 😏) to see who exactly is stocking their items. Wanna know a secret? Everyone is!


So now you know exactly why we only work with Shareen Collections and why we will continue to do so in the future 🔥


Want to know any other BTS biz secrets? Let us know -


💖 Chantelle x

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