The Weeks That Were: FASHION

Wowee, what a few weeks we've had!

We've had New York Fashion Week (NYFW), the Emmy's, the Brownlows and last but definitely not least, Rihannas dropped her amazing SAVAGE X FENTY lingerie show. 

Firstly - Rihanna, girl. You 👏Shut 👏It 👏 Down 👏Victoria who?


SAVAGE X FENTY, girl, where have you been all our lives?! Not only are you a musical prodigy but you S-L-A-Y on the runway. You bought so many amazing singers, rappers, models and actors on stage as part of your show and you NAILED IT 💋


Back to Australia news, Brownlow was this week and let's be honest, no-one watches it for the players. Purely the fashion. We all know this. And didn't the ladies deliver. Our fave look of the night? Nadia Bartel 🔥

The Emmy's were also on and didn't they deliver too! So much Hollywood Glam ✨ Our fave looks of the night were actually brought out by the men. Usually only keeping to rather dapper, sharp suits, many men decided to embrace their individuality (which we are BIG fans of) and go for bright and personal. Our first fave? Um, RuPaul. Hands down. The man can do NO wrong. Don't even try and correct me.


Honestly Fashion Week doesn't even get a pic after this STELLAR line-up above. I honestly cannot fault any of them. 


The memo that was well received by every individual attending these events? Embrace your individuality and wear something you are comfortable in. Always.


What is our SFB hot tip for all things fashion? Visit 'Fashion Critical' on Facebook. You'll be sure to get a laugh out of their descriptions and summaries on all of the fashions.


Till next time,

Team SFB x

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